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We sell Grass Roots Beef by the mixed quarter - which includes cuts from the front and hind quarters. We charge $6.85 per pound hanging weight (before the carcass is dry aged and deboned). This includes the cost we pay the abattoir to cut, wrap and freeze each quarter. While each animal is different, the average hanging weight of our animals is typically about 500-600 pounds or about 125-150 pounds per quarter. The actual amount of beef you end up with will vary a bit depending on what cuts you want, but you will generally get about 65% of the hanging weight in cut meat - steaks, roasts, hamburger and stewing beef. So, using a "typical" quarter of 125 pounds hanging weight, you would get about 80 pounds of boneless beef ... of which about 35 pounds would be ground beef, 8-10 pounds would be stew beef, 5 or 6 roasts (premium and pot roasts) each weighing 3 or 4 pounds, and the rest in steaks, which we normally cut to 1 ".

We can accommodate your preferences to some extent (i.e. more stew beef and fewer pot roasts) and we will confirm these preferences when we confirm your order. We will also include soup bones (and organ meat if available) with your order at no additional cost. A full quarter will take up about 25% of an average chest freezer to store. If this sounds like too much beef for your family's needs, share the quarter with a friend. The total cost of this "average" quarter would be $850-$900.

Our beef is available from July through late October each year but we take orders throughout the year. We will advise you when your order will be ready and will deliver it to customers in the GTA, Kitchener/Waterloo and London areas. The delivery charge will depend on distance and number of orders being delivered in your area on that run, but typically it is no more than $50.00-$60.00.  

Place an Order:

To place an order, please send us an email at grassrootsmeats@gmail.com with your name, telephone number and any questions you may have.