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Grassfed Basics

What are "grassfed" animal products?

Most ruminants, including cattle, sheep, goat, bison, are raised on pasture for the first months of their lives. Grassfed animals, by contrast, are raised from birth to market on family farms. Their diet consists of freshly grazed pasture during the growing season and stored grasses (hay or grass silage) during winter months or during drought conditions.White Calf

Our animals live in a stress-free environment and as such rarely require medical attention. They are not given hormonal implants or growth-promoting additives because there is no need to rush them to market. The beef we offer is healthy, wholesome, and natural in every sense of the word.

Finishing animals on pasture requires a great deal of knowledge and skill. For example, in order for grassfed meat to be succulent and tender, the animals need an ample supply of high-quality forage. This requires that the soils be fertile and rich in organic material. Also, the animals' grazing patterns must be closely monitored or the grassland will be grazed too little or too much, compromising its quality and future availability.