Dennis Starkey
Hillview Farm
R.R. #4, Durham, Ontario N0G 1R0
Tel:  (519) 369-6966

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A Healthy Local Alternative

Grass Roots Beef is naturally raised and pasture fed on Hillview Farm in Grey County, less than 2 hours from downtown Toronto. The cattle here at Hillview Farm are kept out of crowded, unhealthy feedlots and returned to their natural habitat - open pasture. The result - beef that is even more than organic. Feeding large amounts of grain, even organic grain, to cattle that have evolved on rangeland eating grass, fills their meat with bad fat and calories, and diminishes nutritional value.

Why is grassfed better?

  • Lower in fat (same as chicken breast)
  • Higher in protein
  • Lower in calories
  • Lower in cholesterol
  • Half the saturated fat
  • No antibiotics feed, no hormones, no herbicide
  • more Omega 3
  • more vitamin A
  • more conjugated linoleic acid
  • Less stressed animals, more tender meat

Grassfed Basics

What are "grassfed" animal products? Most ruminants, including cattle, sheep, goat, bison, are raised on pasture for the first months of their lives. The vast majority of them are then transported to distant feedlots where they are "finished" on a grain-based diet. Typically, the animals are fed a variety of drugs and feed additives to speed their production and to minimize the health problems that come from eating an artificial diet and living in stressful, crowded conditions. This is the type of meat that you find in most grocery stores and restaurants. Even most organic meat is finished on grain and often in feedlots.

Grassfed animals, by contrast, are raised from birth to market on family farms. Their diet consists of freshly grazed pasture during the growing season and stored grasses (hay or grass silage) during winter months or drought conditions. Read more >>